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Dec 12,2017 -     Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Science of Good Cooking (Participation & Demo) Certificate awarded for taking all 12 classes. There are 12 classes that will delve into why certain recipes and techniques work and others don’t. Recipes are chosen for the lessons they will teach you about the science of cooking.  These classes will take you through Intro to the Kitchen, The Art of Saute and Stir-Fry, Stocks and Soups for Winter, The Pasta Bowl, Roasting & Pan Grilling, Braising and Poaching, Taking the Fear Out of Seafood,  Stews and Chilies, Modern Meat Techniques, Vegetables for Spring, and two classes dedicated to the art of sauce making. It is important that we dedicate two full classes to sauces as they are probably one of the most important things you can make in the kitchen–they can make or break a dish. Each recipe will have an important lesson about food science, seasoning and general cooking techniques and methods. We will do a combination of hands on and demonstration.  This is the perfect class for beginners who want a class that will have a combination of both watching and participating in the cooking process. The Science of Good Sauce Making, Part I – The Five Mother Sauces: Tuesday December 12 In this class we’ll discuss the importance of using home-made or high quality stock bases in your sauce making. French cooking is based on the five mother sauces. These sauces are the béchamel (white sauce: roux thickened sauce made with milk); veloute sauce (roux thickened sauce made with chicken stock); espagnole (brown sauce: roux thickened sauce made with veal stock);  classic tomato sauce and hollandaise sauce (made from egg yolks and clarified butter). We’ll be making each of these sauces along with some of their children. For example, when you add a reduction of tarragon vinegar and peppercorns and mix it with hollandaise you get sauce bearnaise. We’ll be branching each sauce off by adding ingredients to create another new sauce. The focus here are the sauces and not the dishes made with them. We’ll be serving each sauce with the appropriate vegetable or protein. Catherine St. John


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