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Teen Baking Camp


Teen Summer camps

If you are looking for a great camp for your kids this summer take a look and what we have to offer in these very hands on cooking and baking camps. Kids and Teens love to cook and explore new foods. With the popularity of cooking shows kids are really getting into cooking and for those who have picky eaters learning to cook can be a game changer. The more kids cook the more new foods they will try. In these camps we try and get your child to learn about new foods while teaching them how to use a knife, be organized and, even better, clean up as they cook. Cooking is also a great way to learn about different cultures. With that in mind this summers themes will be food from different countries.

These camps fill up so if you get closed out please get on a wait list, because if we get enough we will run the class again. Let us know at the time of registration if your child has any food allergies or other special needs. Please have your child wear closed toe shoes and tie back long hair. Please have the kids /teens bring a container for any left over food not eaten in class.

Teen Baking Camp: Baking Around the World:  Ages 13-16

We will continue our food tour of the world by baking through it. Pastry brings people and cultures together. We all have a Grandmother or someone else in the family who bakes from the culture in which they were brought up in. This is a dying art and many times these recipes are not being passed down to the next generation. This week we will look at different countries and their most popular pastries. Please bring a light lunch except for the last day of class. 

Italy: Monday : We will start our pastry and dessert tour in Italy. You will learn how to make Tiramisu (mocha soaked lady fingers layered with a mascarpone cream and chocolate); Italian lemon cookies (these cookies have a lemon icing on them); and who does not love Chocolate gelato.

France: Tuesday : French pastry is the King in the pastry world and while we would all love to dive right in there are a few basics we need to learn first. Pate a Choux is a basic French dough that can be piped to make anything from a cheese puff to a cream puff. It is not hard to make but there are some tricks to learn when making it. We will use our Pate a Choux to make cheese puffs and chocolate éclairs which will also get us to learn how to make a pastry cream. You will also learn how to make a classic French brioche (this egg and butter based bread) is great for everything from making sandwiches, using for French toast or just eating with some jam.

Greece: Wednesday : Phyllo dough is the dough of choice in Greece when it comes to pastry. You will learn the basics of working with: this paper-thin dough. We will make classic Baklava (honey and walnut); you will learn how to make Galaktoboureko (say that 10 times fast), semolina custard pie with a lemon syrup and we will finish with a Greek yogurt cake.

Mexico: Thursday : We usually do a class on Mexico in the cooking camp, but this year we are going to focus on desserts from Mexico. Mexico is known for their vanilla and chocolate. Mexican chocolate is different from what we know. Their chocolate has hints of cinnamon in it. We will start with a Mexican chocolate lava muffin. Who does not like a warm Churro dusted with cinnamon sugar? Here is where the French technique of Pate a Chou (see French day) will come back. Churros are made from fried Pate a Choux dough then rolled in cinnamon sugar. Our final dessert will be the famous Tres Leche Cake (sponge cake soaked in 3 milks) and served with whipped cream.

Belgium: Friday : We will finish in Belgium. With close culinary tries to France, Germany and the Netherlands we will see a little lap over in technique and flavors. You will learn to make Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream; Belgian Beignets (fried donuts) and Chocolate crepes will be on the menu.

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